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This. Is. Everything.

Warning: long story ahead. Keep reading. There’s a point.

I have a Facebook group called the #MediocreRoadWarrior (find us and join if you’d like!) It’s a place where I get to post everything about travel…and I love sharing everything travel.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want that branding to be. I have a friend who has an incredible job where he travels the world and takes the most beautiful pics of food on his iPhone. I *thought* those were the types of photos I wanted to take. So I’ve been asking a ton of questions and trying to take foodie pics that can compete with his.

Tonight I’m in Waterloo, IA. I ate pizza for dinner. Before I ate my food I took lots of pizza pictures. I had the server hold up the pizza in front of an art installation. I tried to take a fancy pic of my wine…and then *this* picture happened. Two women (complete strangers) photobombed my *perfect* shot. And then I realized, I will never be the person who takes breathtaking pictures of food. I’m the person who will choose the photobombed pic over the stunning one.

Here’s why I’m telling you this. You do you. And whatever you looks like is ok. In fact it’s better than ok. It’s *amazing*.

So, #BelieveInYourSelfie lesson one is this. You do you. Whatever that looks like, I promise, you will find greater joy in nonsense like this picture, more than trying to capture the perfect moment.

So, what behaviors are you trying to emulate that you need to let go of so you can do you? What ridiculousness do you need to embrace that is sooooo you that no one can deny that’s your work?

You’ve got to believe in your selfie. Because, let’s be real, if you don’t, who will?