When we meet we change the way we work.

Universal truth: When we understand the why behind people’s behavior the what and the how become much simpler. When you empower your team to understand the why behind their behavior and others, the workplace dynamics shift. Conflict decreases. Productivity increases. Turnover decreases. Engagement Increases. Drama decreases. Customer satisfaction increases. The list goes on. 

The greatest gift you can give yourself and your team is the gift of knowledge. At Work Warrior we make this simple. Each of our trainings have been designed to offer understanding of our behavior, and tangible tools to solve issues. We’re practical. We’re tangible. We’re work changing.

Whether you’re looking to train a professional group, department, or whole company, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading and see some of our most requested topics. Ready to learn more, click below and lets start a conversation. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Vision, Mission, and Values Workshop

It’s not a corporate thing. It’s a success thing.

When Work Warrior first started offering Vision, Mission, and Values workshops I got pushback. That’s a corporate thing and we don’t need that. My response: yes, you do. It’s the story and the why of your business. It’s a reminder of what you want to be. It’s your tool to make decisions. And it’s a guide on how to hire, when to fire, and what to do when the going gets tough.

There is a direct connection between the companies that live into their VMV and the ones who don’t. This workshop is an incredible way to energize your team, create buy-in for your vision, and ensure everyone is in the right seats on the bus (hey, I wouldn’t be a real consultant if I didn’t quote Good to Great). Each workshop contains the following:

  • Two half day workshops where your team will create their very own VMV statement. The process is magical…trust me on that.
  • A Vision statement that will act as a reminder about what your business or team strives to be. It’s not about laying brick. It’s about building a cathedral.
  • A Mission statement that will act as your decision maker for you. In one sentence you’ll be able to answer what you do, who you do it for, how you do it, and why it matters.
  • A Values statement. This becomes your accountability tool. You hire to your values. You fire to your values. And you act in accordance with your values. Period.

Give yourself, and your team the gift of direction. Inspire action, encourage growth, and let’s be real…go make lots of money and reach huge goals by knowing what your vision, mission, and values are.

It’s all about you and everyone else.

Understanding personalities in the workplace


Let’s be real. We like to think we are all unique snowflakes. In reality, we are human. And each of us has predictable behavior. When we understand our own personality and our co-workers style our communication, empathy, and conflict resolution becomes much simpler.

Using the Myers Briggs personality assessment this workshop brings to light why we are the way we are and how we can better open lines of communication at work. This fun and informative workshop promises the following:

  • A personality report for each participant that acts as a starting point for self awareness.
  • Training on understanding four incredibly important human characteristics- where we get our energy, how we process information, how we make decisions, and how we perceive the world. When we know how others do the above it’s a game changer in the workplace.
  • How to recognize when each personality type is stressed and what we can do to adjust our communication to de-escalate the situation, NOT escalate it.
  • How to adjust individual communication style so communication doesn’t become muddled.
  • Role play exercises specific to your team so everyone can put into action what they’ve just learned!


Emotional Intelligence

It’s your secret superhero power.


Ever want to punch someone in the face, but decided against it? That’s emotional intelligence! This workshop is a Work Warrior favorite. It covers *all things human* and empowers participants to better understand themselvces, and the world around them.

  • Understand the importance of feelings and how to better recognize them.
  • Learn how emotions are made and how they play a role in the stories we tell ourselves.
  • How to maintain emotional control in highly stressful situations.
  • Understand the science behind our interactions with others and how to build rapport with even the toughest personalities.
  • How to better resolve conflict using EI techniques.
  • How to deal with tough personalities.
  • Tools on being able to name the emotion and why this is the most important tool you have for expressing yourself.
  • Learn the magical powers of changing how you think, so you can change how you feel, and how you act.
  • How you can build trust and inspire others through mirroring and empathy.

Social Intelligence

How to become the most charming person you know.

It’s the sister of emotional intelligence!  SI is all about understanding the science behind our interactions with others.

In this course you’ll learn about how to become the most charming person you know…by knowing how to build trust and rapport with others.

At the end of our time together participants will be able to:

  • Build immediate rapport with others by understanding social awareness and facility.
  • Become a mini social scientist by getting a crash corse in the science behind human interaction.
  • Recognize when you need to take the high road, literally by learning how the brain works when making connections.
  • How to influence outcomes by adjusting behaviors.
  • Ability to build relationships through showing real empathy.
  • Know how to make others feel like they are the most important person in the world, building personal and professional relationships.

Stress Mess

How to create a stress managment plan that actually works.


It feels like we can’t catch a break. We’re overwhelmed and depression is at an all time high. Give your team the gift of learning life balance. This incredibly hands on class teaches how to find rest for the weary and decrease stress hormones in our system.

  • Able to recognize the three forms of stress and immediately implement calming strategies!
  • Understand how the brain responds to stress and what you can do to change the brain’s response, leading to peace of mind.
  • Recognize faulty thought patterns and automatically change them, reducing stress.
  • Learn to reduce stress substantially by focusing on what you can control.
  • Create a self care plan tailored for each participant.
  • Learn an abundance of tools for stress management (over 30!).
  • Kick off the workshop with a quiz, helping participants recognize their stress level.
  • Recognize everyday stressors and triggers. Learn how to better handle them.
  • Understand the cycle of stress and how to break it!


It’s about fearing less, not fearing at all.

One of the most popular trainings Work Warrior offers, this workshop fundamentally changed the way people view fear. Actual Feedback: The idea that all negative emotions start by fear has revolutionized my thinking and I cannot express impact!

Why we have fear– how to recognize it and what to do when it creeps up…or knocks you down.

How we can rewrite our stories– observing and changing the stories we tell ourselves (toxic thought habits). We all have them. And until we get real about their existence we will never be able to rewrite the narrative.

How we can act as if-from the moment our 1:1 is finished you’ll have the tools to  start practicing how to fake it until you become it. Hey, practice makes perfect! And will a little bravery and action you’ll be surprised and delighted as to how confidence completely changes your world.

Do it-We’ll spend time talking about how to find opportunities to be brave, to be the hero of your own story. You’ll have an actionable plan that you can start working the moment we are finished with our 1:1

Why we self sabotage with fear– we all do it. When we know why we are able to make different choices. We are able to Fear Less.

Recognize how we act – when you understand how you act when you are afraid means you have a choice to act differently.

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