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Described as brilliant, hilarious, awesomesauce and so engaging you’ll forget to eat your snacks, Marianne has trained over 20,000 people in nearly every state, and all over the world. She is recognized as one of the top trainers in America. In 2013 she started Work Warrior, a training organization that provides manager and team trainings to companies across all states.

Marianne provides professional coaching, utilizing her certifications in business and entrepreneurship, spirituality, life purpose, and forgiveness. She also is the author of “Out is Through,” a workbook that helps people heal by walking them through how to radically accept reality and deal with all the emotions that come with doing so.

Before deciding to go out on her own, Marianne spent over a decade in corporate America in leadership and management roles. In 2010 she received her Master’s in Organizational Development from Avila University.

Marianne grew up in Kansas City, and now resides in Omaha, Nebraska. She loves glitter, superhero shirts, exclamation points, and Mini Coopers. She prides herself on being a mediocre road warrior and loves collecting stamps in both her National Park passport and her real one! She speaks fluent emoji and her best friend is her mini golden doodle named AlexanderHamilton.

Her clients rave. Here’s a taste of what they say…

“As a total self-improvement nerd, I’ve found that most coaches and speakers fall into one of two camps — either inspiring and high-level, or realistic and actionable. Marianne is both. She’s refreshing and candid and honest . . . while at the same time, pushing you.”

Her clients are her heart. And in a world of hustle and busy, your time with Marianne will never be wasted. That’s a personal guarantee.


Other Things about Marianne

• I believe everything in life you can learn from Grey’s Anatomy.

• Taylor Swift writes the best breakup songs.

• I use entirely too many dishes.

• I want to live in Paris, maybe London, but definitely Paris.

• I feel more at home in a city than in the country.

• I love books. Thrift stores are my favorite places to find them. 

• I usually believe in people more than they believe in themselves.

• I hate it when people tell others to be humble. That’s basically telling someone to lie about their talents. 

• I have a mini golden doodle named Alexander. He’s my best friend. 

• I don’t always practice what I preach, but I know I should.

• I went through certification to be a feng shui consultant.

• I decided not become a consultant because I loved feng shui too much and didn’t want to take the joy out of it. .

• I love a good glass of wine but wish more places offered sober options. Sometimes I like to sip and talk for hours!

• I really like beauty products. Give me all the beauty products. 

• I also love words of affirmation. I have confidence and know I’m good at what I do. But I also like others to tell me I’m good too.

• I believe that when you know the why behind someone’s behavior, the what and how becomes much easier. 

• I can’t stand blank walls. I have so much art I can’t hang it all…because I have no blank wall space. 

• I love cheese. It makes everything better. Except Belgium cheese. That cheese is so gross. 

• I vote in every election. 

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