I love books (a lot).


So much so I want to give you the chance to try coaching for the price of one! I know many coaches offer a “free consultation” but I’m doing something a little bit different.

I’m not offering a consultation, I’m offering a full coaching session…all for the price of a book.

I believe we value what we pay for, even if it’s a small price, like the price of a book.

Let’s talk about why you want coaching!

  • Your management training was trial by fire and now you feel the burn. 
  • You feel like you’re herding cats when it comes to getting your team on the same page. 
  • Your team is experiencing burnout and you don’t know how to help.
  • You have to deal with the complainers, the negative, and maybe even toxic employees and have no idea how deal. 
  • Confidence is lacking and you find yourself second guessing your decisions. 
  • You have no idea how to motivate the unmotivated
  • You’re afraid to have hard conversations with your team because they might leave. Or because you simply don’t know how.
  • You go to bed afraid your team will give you nightmares.
  • Managing a certain employee gives you anxiety.
  • You’re managing a new team and the transition feels like you’re in a hurricane. 

Towards the end of my coaching with Marianne I came to recognize a big shift in the stories I told myself about myself. At the outset of coaching, many of the stories that I told myself awere massively driven by other people’s expectations and aspirations. How should I organize my day? What should get priority? What does it mean to be a good parent? What does it mean to have good work-life balance? I was looking for a mold or archetype. When the stories matched my experience, all was well and it felt like the universe was in order. When I went off script, the wheels fell off. This led to waves of inaction and frustration. The coaching brought me to a new type of story, one built around my values, my experiences, my thoughts, and my realities. Now the script is mine and that allows me to deal with setbacks, challenges, and also opportunities with a whole new level of confidence and calm.

Matt Mullen

CEO, Article 30

What will I get from coaching?

Oh. So. So. Many. Things.


  • A specific game plan for how to handle your most difficult situations.
  • A different, more accurate perspective of what’s going on.
  • Increased self awareness and tweaks you can make to be more successful in your manager role.
  • Tools to handle stress and beat back burn out, giving you more life balance.
  • Healthier and happier relationships both in and outside of the workplace
  • The ability to confidently have  difficult conversations you’ve been avoiding.
  • Understand why your team members aren’t motivated and what you can do to solve this.
  • How to delegate so you have time to focus on managing and empowering your team.
  • Strong foundation of manager know how so you can confidently do your job… better than you ever thought.
  • A great night’s sleep. No more being haunted by your team’s faces while you sleep!
  • Ability to successfully plan how to do more with less so your team can be successful.
  • Realization you aren’t alone and you can manage others. 

It’s soo easy!


1. Click here and see my Amazon wish list!

2. Pick out the one you’d like to send and check out!

3. Once done click here and shoot me an email!

4. Tell me why you’re excited to try coaching AND send me three times that work with your schedule!

5. I’ll message back with a confirmed time, any questions I might have, and a Zoom link for our meeting!