Manager coaching

It’s like therapy for managers. Only better.

Managing is hard.


  • Have *those* team members that you don’t know what to do with?
  • Have to navigate political waters?
  • Have 236 hours of work and only 24 hours in a day.?
  • Have to performance manage?
  • They think you are supposed to have all the answers…and you don’t?
  • Are you expected to turn straw into gold with your limited resources?

Help is here.


Work Warrior is excited to announce our new product that’s going to make managing a lot easier: Managing Others!

  When you get that damn…what do I do now feeling, Marianne is there to help.

MO offers you unlimited access to a manager expert.

It’s designed specifically for mangers by someone who’s been there.

What is Manage Others?


  • Monthly 1:1 sessions focused on you and your development. You’ll get insight and tools to help manage yourself, and your team.
  • Unlimited email questions. You have a team question. Just email. Have a hiring question? Just email.
  • SOS texts a month. Sometimes you can’t wait for an email response. You need an answer right away. Shoot me an SOS text!

Why Manage Others?


  • Marianne has over 10 years of management experience, a Master’s in Org Development, and has trained 1,000s of managers.
  • You can learn to be an exceptional manager. I can teach you.
  • Give yourself the gift of having an expert help you as you develop in one of the most difficult professions out there…the managing of people.

” I feel so less alone in the world. Marianne is a rockstar! She’s a caring and compassionate leader.”

Marcy, Community Resource Supervisor

This is coaching, not thereapy. While Marianne is a certified coach, this shouldn’t be used to replace mental health care, when needed.

Managing is hard. Let me help.

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