Hire her. Now. You’ll start seeing the impact minutes after completion and it will carry your team forward allowing you to hit goals that were not achievable before.

Marianne is an amazing presenter. I found this training to be the best I’ve ever attended.

Absolutely loved Marianne’s style and energy. She’s so captivating as a presenter. Loved it!

BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! I left feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, confident, and empowered!

I was so engaged I didn’t even eat the snacks I brought.

Best trainer yet! Awesome Sauce!

Marianne was amazing!

Great job! Marianne gave excellent tips on managing stress.

Marianne Chance was a fantastic facilitator.  She kept the class engaged and made it fun!  Great training!

Excellent course. I always have high expectations for corporate trainings and this one did not disappoint.

Marianne Chance is WONDERFUL!! She is such a delight and made the training fun and interesting. I enjoyed this so much!

Marianne did an exceptional job!  A great facilitator!

Marianne did a phenomenal job.  She communicated clearly, answered any questions, and was fun and engaging!

I have learned to feel empowered and have confident conversations.  I need a monthly session to boost me up.

Marianne is AMAZING! I’ve enjoyed this workshop so much and learned so many tools I’ll use immediately. She made it fun and engaging!

Awesome session, loved the high energy from facilitator on a tough topic.

Excellent course…taking aware several ideas to share with the management team.

Marianne was fabulous. She is a great trainer who provides practical tips that can be used right away.

Absolutely loved the facilitator and her energy and how relaxed and open the conversation was in the class!

Marianne was amazing. Your energy was great you were able to get everyone involved.

Marianne is a great instructor and made real life connections with the content!

The course was super helpful. I loved Marianne – she was super energetic and that is RARE. VERY rare.

The instructor made the course. Marianne was amazing. Her enthusiasm was infectious and kept me engaged.

Excellent course. Practical tips. LOVE the scripts. VERY HELPFUL and CONCRETE!

Marianne was very energetic and responsive. That positivity was contagious!

Marianne was wonderful – love her energy and positivity!

I thought Marianne was a wonderful instructor – very engaging and knowledgeable. This was my most positive experience.

I loved this course! I feel much more confident going into my new role. Marianne is awesome! Such a great teacher.

I am always a little uneasy with video conferencing but Marianne made us feel at ease! Loads of great advice too!

This was the best professional development course that I have taken. It was down-to earth, relevant, full of great tools (i.e. exactly what to say) and a lot of fun!

This course was perfect. I was not looking forward to this training but I am so glad I showed up because the information was incredible. 

Marianne is a gifted trainer who allows us to learn and laugh!

The training and Marianne were amazing. I really enjoyed the real life methods she used to relate the content to us. The skills are very useful and necessary!

This was a great class! I would love to be in another class with Marianne, she was awesome!

Marianne is great. She gave me keys to people handling 🙂

I could not be more pleased with this training. The instructor Marianne was awesome!