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Hey! I’m Marianne!


Let me be clear. I’m not Tony Robbins. I don’t care about your destiny. I care about your right now. I care about giving you tools to better manage yourself, and manage others. You are my why. Every mile I fly, every post I write, it’s for you. I believe you can do *all the things.* You can have the tough conversation and say the hard thing. You can Fear Less. You can choose you, change the stories you tell yourself, and Believe in Your Selfie.

I also believe in your ability to mange others. When you’re a manager you have the greatest job in the world. You have a chance to influence your team to not just achieve greater things in the office, but out in the world. I also know managing is hard…and I’m here every step of the way. Whether it’s team training you need, or wish you had “Marianne in Your Pocket” to answer all the questions, I’ve got your back.

So you, me, us, let’s do this. 💖🦄🌟

When we meet, we change the world.

When you train your team you equip them to do more than you thought possible. Training also gives you the gift of accountability. Whether it’s management training or an all team training in emotional intelligence, Work Warrior’s got you.  🤩

Believe In your selfie!

Beleive in your selfie. Because if you don’t who will. It’s the coaching progam that started it all. Let’s get your mess sorted out. Work 1:1 with me and together we’ll reinvent your world into something where you feel comfortable. Into a world where you do you. 🤗🤳🏽💖

Manage Others

Sound familar? You were a great individual contributor. So they promoted you to manager. The transition was kind of a “trial by fire” thing. Work with me 1:1 and learn how to be The. Best. Manager. Ever. Managing is hard. Let me help. 🤭🤡😱

Aloha! Let that mess go!

In a few minutes I’m headed out to get beach pictures taken while wearing sequins! But before I do I wanted to give you all a sneak peak into the “Letting Go” workshop I’m creating! I told you all earlier that this weekend I was going to work through my own program....

What do you do with the hard days?

Earlier this week I got some *news.* It was really hard news. News that invoked strong feels and lots of tears. News that was 100% out of my control. News that flat out suuuuucked. Yes, this week I got some *news.* And so, I’ve been thinking about what does one do...

The surprising lessons being middle aged has taught me. 

The surprising lessons being middle aged has taught me. There’s a specific ask at the end, so please read all the way through...and then participate As I was lying in bed this morning I realized I’ve been 40 for half a year now. It feels as though these past six...

Yes. My nails are *ALWAYS* done.

I was sitting at the Dr.’s office with my mom this morning, thinking about how I need to get my nails done. As the minutes passed my mind wandered down a rabbit hole. I thought about how I could probably find better ways spend my money other than bi-monthly manis and...

What if we shrugged?

🤷🏻‍♀️🌎 What if you shrugged? 🤷🏻‍♀️🌎 This is another long post, but it also might be the most important homework assignment you’ll ever get. Have you ever read something that made you let out an audible “ohhhhhhh.” Last night I found *this* and I can’t stop thinking...

The most powerful words ever

⭐️ The MOST powerful words…ever. ⭐️ I’m sorry. It’s a hard phrase to say. It can feel like an admission of guilt. It can feel vulnerable. It can feel humbling. It may even feel humiliating. It’s also the single phrase that fix things. Even things that feel shattered....

Managing is hard. Let me help.

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