Team training so engaging you’ll forget to eat your snacks.

A new workbook created to help you live life right.

Hey! I’m Marianne!


Let me be clear. I’m not Tony Robbins. I don’t care about your destiny. I care about your right now. I care about giving you tools to better manage yourself, and manage others.

I believe in your ability to mange others. When you’re a manager you have the greatest job in the world. You have a chance to influence your team to not just achieve greater things in the office, but out in the world. I also know managing is hard…and I’m here every step of the way. Whether it’s team training you need, or wish you had “Marianne in Your Pocket” to answer all the questions, I’ve got your back.

So you, me, us, let’s do this. ????????????

Manager coaching for a book!

Managing is hard. Most likey up until now, you’ve learned “trial by fire” style. You no longer have to do that!! Be the Boss coaching is here. And you can try it for the cost of a book. NO JOKE! Click below and learn more!

Toxic Workplace?

They ignore, withhold information, gossip, tattle, tell half truths, and intentionally sabotage others. These people are called toxic. They’re also called a-holes. If you work with someone like this, click below and get some of my most favorite resources for toxic workplaces.

Managers, your job is to hold the pieces.

Right now people are feeling lots of feels over lots of things. Pandemic. Masks. School. Return to work. Work from home. It’s all so much. I’ve been thinking about who owns this? Meaning who’s job is it to help *all the people* hold *all the feels*. My answer: those...

Need to add sparkle to your team

Why, yes! I am able to add glitter to my team trainings! Today we talked about how to deal with *all the feels* and then made calming glitter jars. If you’re looking for a quick team builder that will also give your people a tool to help with anxiety, this is it! What...

Your team has earned the right to your time.

Your team has earned the right to your time. Do your 1:1s with your team members often feel disorganized? Unproductive? Are your 1:1s with your team even happening? Now, more than ever, it’s important to check in regularly with each of your team members. It provides...

Stop doing this *one* thing when giving feedback.

Criticizing someone is as effective in getting them to change behavior as chewing gum is to solving algebra. Recently my days have been filled with management trainings. How to change undesired behavior is always a hot topic. The one thing that doesn’t work?...

Aloha! Let that mess go!

In a few minutes I’m headed out to get beach pictures taken while wearing sequins! But before I do I wanted to give you all a sneak peak into the “Letting Go” workshop I’m creating! I told you all earlier that this weekend I was going to work through my own program....

What do you do with the hard days?

Earlier this week I got some *news.* It was really hard news. News that invoked strong feels and lots of tears. News that was 100% out of my control. News that flat out suuuuucked. Yes, this week I got some *news.* And so, I’ve been thinking about what does one do...