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Why, yes! I am able to add glitter to my team trainings!
Today we talked about how to deal with *all the feels* and then made calming glitter jars.
If you’re looking for a quick team builder that will also give your people a tool to help with anxiety, this is it!
What you need:
Mason jar (12 oz)
Glitter (lots of it)
Clear glue (5 oz bottle per person)
Distilled Water (it keeps mold away)
What you do:
*Fill jar about 1/3 full of distilled water.
* Squeeze most of the glue into jar.
* Put in glitter (as much as you want).
* Fill rest of jar with distilled water.
* Put on lid and shake.
Now, here’s why each of your team members need a glitter jar.
When humans feel big emotions their fight, flight, or freeze reactions kick in. Then the rational brain quits working.
When one shakes the glitter jar and focuses on falling glitter it gives the body time to calm down. It also kicks the rational brain into action.
We need to be intentional about helping our teams deal with their feels. This is a simple way to do that!
(Got guys on your team? Make sure you have ALL the colors of the rainbow, not just my favorite pink and unicorn glitter)