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???????????? …It’s not hard…????????????

Last week. It might have gone down as one of the hardest weeks ever, for a whole multitude of reasons.

The week ended with a crashed Mini Cooper. And as I stood on the street corner, looking at this hot mess of a car I realized…*this* feels like life right now.

And when life feels like a car crash I watch Grey’s Anatomy. I feel you can learn everything you need to from the brilliant writing of Shonda (more on that in a sec).

Today we’re going to talk about the second letter of Brene Brown’s BRAVING acronym.

R: Reliable

Simply put reliability means you’ll do what you say. Sometimes this is super easy. You show up to work on time. You show up to dinner. You call when you say you’ll call. But when life feels like a car crash it isn’t easy. In fact, reliability feels incredibly hard…primarily because you have to figure out what you can reasonably be reliable for.

So how do you figure out what reliability looks like? Let’s go back to Grey’s.

One of my favorite quotes is from Miranda Bailey. She says….

“It’s not hard. It’s painful, but it’s not hard. And you’ve already decided what you need to do. That’s why there’s so much pain.”

There’s so much truth in this quote. The key to being reliable is recognizing what needs to be done, no matter how painful, and being reliable to walk through the pain. It means you commit to the hard choice you’ve made, come hell or high water.

Remember, believe in your selfie. Because if you don’t, who will?