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???????????? Girl, please. ????????????

I met with a friend this morning. We were talking marketing ideas for her newly launched business. The topic; how to define the word trauma in a way that people would understand.

Marianne’s definition: the hot mess that keeps you stuck in a sick cycle carousel.

As we were talking I thought about how we all have the hot mess that we aren’t dealing with…the absolute nonsenses that is dizzying…crazy making…maddening. And for some reason we keep putting coins into the carousel. Round. And round. And round.

Guess what? You can make the choice to stop putting in coins.

What carousel are you continuing to feed? a relationship you need to leave? A job that absolutely sucks? A difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding? A hard truth you need to speak? What are you feeding that doesn’t serve you?

And what’s keeping you from getting off the carousel?

Girl, please. Get off that horse. You’re strong enough to do so, I promise.

The choice is yours. What do you choose?

Remember to believe in your selfie. Because if you don’t, who will?