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In a few minutes I’m headed out to get beach pictures taken while wearing sequins!
But before I do I wanted to give you all a sneak peak into the “Letting Go” workshop I’m creating!
I told you all earlier that this weekend I was going to work through my own program. And one of the most powerful things I did was get specific and name exactly what it was that I need to let go of.
If there’s something you need to let go of, here’s your staring point! Answer these four questions!
1. Who hurt you in some way?
2. What do you need to forgive them for? *This needs to be incredibly specific.*
3. How do you take your non-forgiveness out on them AND yourself?
4. What is the negative impact of hanging on to the resentment?
Give yourself something specific to work with. After all, if you name it, you can solve it!
I’m off to the beach for a few hours of selfies, sun, sequins, and a photo shoot!