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Nature and donuts are the theme of the day! I l love both so it seems only natural I mix both ????????‍♀️.

So, what triggers you? You know, someone does something and you lose your sh*t…name those things. Also, as you think about those things think about how you respond to your triggers. Do you become defensive? Do you become passive aggressive? Do you shut down, or shout?

If you are aware of how you behave when you’re triggered you change your response.

Here’s an example. I used to ruminate with the best of them. Something out of my control would happen and I’d drive myself insane allowing my brain to go down ridiculous rabbit holes. Now when I’m triggered and ruminating I distract myself by creating something. It can be a WW post, a travel tip in the #MediocreRoadWarrior group, YouTube video, dinner, something. The reason for this is because I feel better when I create. Give yourself the gift of responding in a way that doesn’t hurt you.

So, what are your triggers and when you find yourself responding in a self destructive way, choose to respond differently. Choose to respond in a way that will make you feel ok, not like crap. Choose you.