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I was sitting at the Dr.’s office with my mom this morning, thinking about how I need to get my nails done.
As the minutes passed my mind wandered down a rabbit hole. I thought about how I could probably find better ways spend my money other than bi-monthly manis and pedis.
Maybe I should donate more to charity, or put the cash in a savings account. Maybe I should use the funds to save starving children in Africa.
Then I started to think about all the other things I “should” do.
I really should volunteer more.
I really should support more local coffee shops. I really should take more interest in climate change. I really should read more of the classics.
I really should call my grandma more. I really should expand my knowledge about art. I really should appreciate the local vegetation. I really should take less selfies and more pictures of nature.
You get the point.
And as I pondered all these things I *should* do, I realized, I could absolutely take more pictures of nature. But then I would be bored.
Next came the come to Jesus talk with myself…I had to come face to face with the hard truth: I will always make my nails a priority because I feel better when they are done.
I can’t volunteer as much as I’d like because my business requires me to travel, so I can help others make their lives a little bit better.
I’ll always prefer McDonalds coffee over local because it’s delicious and it’s a $1.00.
The classics are great, but I prefer Danielle Steel.
My favorite painting will ALWAYS be The Birth of Venus, one of the most iconic pieces of art…ever.
I will always choose vegetation found in Europe over the stuff found in NE.
However, I really should call my grandma and be more interested in climate change…but all the other “shoulds”….whatever.
See, people tell us all the time that we “should” do something.
Truth is, often times we listen. Every time we listen and make our choices based on *should* as opposed to *want*, well, we give up a little piece of ourselves.
Another hard truth: there are only so many pieces we can give up before we become unrecognizable.
So, stop it. I want you to #BelieveInYourSelfie and love what you love…proudly. No matter how weird, or main stream, or cliche, you do you.
The very next time someone pulls out the *should* on you I want you to smile and simply say “The world needs people like you to care so much.”
Then, walk away…remembering that the world needs people like you, too.
As always, if you please share so others can too!