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❤️????????????What youth taught me today❤️????????????

This morning I had the pleasure of speaking at the NE Leadership Seminar. It’s an annual event where sophomores from all over NE gather to learn about authenticity and leadership.

My presentation was called Fearless: how I learned to be brave by watching Grey’s.

It focused on healthy and safe ways young folks can go out into the world and explore who they are becoming.

In full disclosure I always get nervous presenting to young people. I make the assumption my thoughts are “too adult” for them. But without a doubt, I’m always proven wrong.

Instead of sharing what I taught them, I’m going to tell you what they taught me.

1. Young people watch Grey’s Anatomy. That gives me hope for the future.

2. They are more easily able to express their fears than adults. I was shocked when I asked what they are afraid of and the rawness in their answers. Fear of disappointing others. Fear of not being liked. Fear of humiliation. Fear of being rejected by peers. Fear of not being good enough. Hey adults!! Are you brave enough to say these things out loud? ❤️

3. One question adults never answer out loud is….why is confidence so hard? These. Kids Nailed. It. The answer that stopped me in my tracks…because I only remember the negative, and not the positive. And then the stories become out of control.

4. They have heartbreak. And it’s real. I got a little teary when I asked if any of them have ever experienced heartbreak….and lots of hands went up.

5. They think I’m funny. Ok, they may have been being polite. But in my mind I relate super well to young people (probs because I act like one).

6. When they feel safe they are quick to admit shortcomings. This made my heart swell. What if more adults said “I made a mistake and I’m sorry.”

7. They like mini golden doodles and aren’t on FB. Pretty sure none of the kids will read this post because they are busy snapping away on Snapchat ????.

8. They are kind.

It’s weird how the universe works. You’re just going along, showing up to events you agreed to present at, and then you end up exactly where you need to be. You end up being in a place where you are reminded there is Hope. There is goodness. There is community.

Thank you #NeLeadership2019 for letting me be a part of your day.