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💯🦄🌟 They don’t need perfect. 💯🦄🌟

Yesterday I was working on a workbook for a training I’m doing next week. I was getting lost in the woods over the layout. I kept thinking…it needs to be perfect. This client is paying a ton of money for perfect.

And then it hit me. They don’t need perfect, they need awesome. They need me. I’m not a graphic designer and they aren’t paying for a perfect workbook. They’re paying for an awesome day of training.

They need someone who creates safety to talk about hard things. They need someone who shows vulnerability by talking about the times things went wrong. They need glitter. They need energy. They. Need. Me.

We get caught up in the details that don’t matter. Usually this is because of fear (see previous posts to learn more 😊). We lose sight of the bigger picture because we are afraid that if it isn’t perfect it will be an epic fail.

But the truth is, nothing will ever be perfect. And the only thing we can do is show up and simply be awesome. Prepare? Try our best? Absolutely. But in the end, people don’t need perfect. They need awesome.

My challenge to you…think about the big picture you’ve lost sight of and what unreasonable expectations do you need to let go of? Ask yourself… what do people really need from me?

People don’t need perfect. They need you.

Remember, believe in your selfie. If you don’t, who will?