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The surprising lessons being middle aged has taught me.
There’s a specific ask at the end, so please read all the way through…and then participate
As I was lying in bed this morning I realized I’ve been 40 for half a year now.
It feels as though these past six months have given me a treasure trove of wisdom that can only come with age. Below are my pearls of wisdom I’d like to pass along.
(So, I still don’t act my age, take be below for what it’s worth )
1. It takes less than 10 seconds for someone to deliver a life altering message. This seems weird to me. If someone is going to tell you something that completely changes everything, it seems like it should take AT LEAST a minute.
2. Pets are funny, if you think about it. Often times I look at AH and realize he is a four legged furry thing that wanders around my house, eats my food, requires constant attention, and can’t speak. He also stinks a little bit. It’s also inexplicably comfortable to have him around (quite possibly because he is a good listener).
3. Sometimes our insides get to be a damn mess. And we try to fix them on the outside. But that doesn’t work. You can only fix inside on the inside (that’s a lesson from Grey’s)
4. Some people say they are an island, that they don’t need anyone. But that is *seriously* the biggest, most deceptive lie people tell themselves. Life doesn’t work without other people. It takes a village to live a life. That’s not sweet sentiment. That’s a hard truth.
5. I should have watched more Mister Rogers growing up. I remember every time he came on I got sad, because he was so boring. But now, I wish I would have paid more attention.
6. Or maybe, I found Mister Rogers at just the right time. I’ve had two friends remind recently that timing is everything.
7. There’s not much point in being passive aggressive. It only pisses the other person off and you don’t get what you want. Instead, make your comments assertive, with a clear point and ask.
8. Cheese is the greatest thing in the world. All the cheeses. Soft cheese. Cheddar cheese. Blu cheese. French cheese. But not Belgium cheese, that cheese is nasty.
9. I really love coffee in the morning. And the best thing about my morning coffee…I always drink it from a carefully selected mug that a good friend or client gave me.
10. When animals are wounded the rest and they return to water. Us humans should frequently do the same.
I want to know all *your things*! What good, bad, awesome, crazy, lessons has your life taught you? You don’t even have to be middle aged to share !
My goal is to collect all your answers and make an *amazing* graphic to share with the world. And sometimes it takes a village…
Won’t you please help?