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⭐️ The MOST powerful words…ever. ⭐️

I’m sorry. It’s a hard phrase to say. It can feel like an admission of guilt. It can feel vulnerable. It can feel humbling. It may even feel humiliating.

It’s also the single phrase that fix things. Even things that feel shattered.

When we get it right it’s perfect. We we get it right, it’s redemption.

I’m sorry is healing. I’m sorry represents new beginnings. I’m sorry says I see your pain. I ‘m sorry says I recognize I was a part of it. I’m sorry says I’m not perfect. I’m sorry says please forgive me and lets move forward.

I’m sorry. Those two little words can be magic. Those two little words can represent freedom.

Those two little words, so hard to say. And yet, they are the two words that can change everything.

What would happen if you coupled I’m sorry with “and tomorrow I will be better”…

What do you need to say sorry for, and why haven’t you said it?