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I love personality tests.

A manager has to be self aware. Tests are a super easy starting point for you to find your strengths, but as equally important, your weaknesses. See, I tell every manager/leader I train that you have to lead by example. This is really easy to do when talking about your super hero strengths, but when it comes your blind side, well, that’s a different story.

My top three reasons to love personality tests…

  1. You can get an insight into the how of you. I recommend taking Myers Briggs. This gem of a test tells you how you get your energy, how you intake information, how you make decisions, and how you perceive the world. That is a ton of information packed into one little test.
  2. Once you know how, you can begin to understand your shortcomings. Then, you can surround yourself with people who can mitigate your weaknesses. I always hated that part on reviews where I had to work on my weaknesses. Why work on your weaknesses when you can just hire others who have that strength?
  3. You can give these tests to your team! Oh the power of knowing what makes your team tick…if you know this, you can create a wickedly high performing team.

My two favorite tests are Myers Briggs (click here for a free edition) and Gallup StrengthFinders. They are inexpensive, but their information is invaluable.

Take the tests, learn something, have fun.