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Earlier this week I got some *news.* It was really hard news. News that invoked strong feels and lots of tears. News that was 100% out of my control. News that flat out suuuuucked. Yes, this week I got some *news.*
And so, I’ve been thinking about what does one do when they receive news and feel like they have no control.
To answer this I turned to all my WW expertise and came up with some tips on what you (and I) can do anytime we get some *news.*
1. Feels the feels. ALL of them. Feels come and go. You’ll be much healthier if you let them come and go as opposed to try and shove them away. (Also, Monday I’m releasing a new video on understanding feels and how to better manage them ).
2. Make lists. Write down everything you can control. For me this usually looks like figuring out what I can get educated on. My list included: better understanding of a certain illness (not mine), figuring out how insurance works, talking to a money manager to figure out logistics, etc. All these things make me feel like I have some control, because they give me better understanding.
3. Treat yo self. Today I’m shopping and going to find the perfect pair of sweatpants that can be worn in public. (I’m also writing this post in the whirlpool ).
4. Figure out your support system and be strategic about how you want to use it. Now, this may seem calculated. But there are people around to support you. And each of those people offer a different type of support. So think through it and figure out how you can use the “team” around you.
5. Recognize when you start to go down the rabbit hole of worry and figure out how to disrupt the the thought process. For example, last night I found myself concerned about something that was 20 years down the road. Really? That’s not a thing. I have NO idea what “in 20 years” looks like.
6. Take things an hour at a time. And allow yourself to believe that you are surrounded by grace…
What do you do with *news*? You simply realize that your going through a transition. And in the end it will be ok. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.
And with that I am off to Target to find sweatpants suited for public wearing .