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🤔 ….Go get you some dignity…….🤔

The phrase…go get you some dignity…is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

There are so many situations I’ve been observing recently that make me wonder, why don’t we act with dignity.

Now, to be clear let’s define dignity.

Dignity: : the quality or state of being worthy, honored, or esteemed.

I was in a meeting this morning and we talked about this incredibly important word. I was asked what does dignity mean to you? And my definition was a bit different. I let Pink define it for me.

Dignity means “I need to grow here I could be closer to light, closer to me. I don’t have to do this perfectly.”

The state of being worthy, honored, and esteemed means I extend grace to myself and I take steps to become more, well, me.

So, what does the word dignity mean to you? How do you show yourself that you are worthy, honored, and esteemed?

Do you have the courage to change today?

If you ❤️ please share so others can ❤️ too!

BTW, that’s my foot, and the tattoo is the symbol for the new moon. During this phase you’re supposed to set your intention. This is a symbol to remind me to walk with intention, walk with dignity.

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