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I told a friend the other day my life feels like I’m stuck in an old school Mumford and Sons song…and it seems like everyone I talk to feels the same. It feels like we are all stuck in suck. I blame it being the longest winter ever.

Right now I’m on what I call an “extreme self care” trip in Australia. I was supposed to go to SXSW in Austin. It was the reasonable thing to do. I could network, learn, meet interesting people. But at that particular time I didn’t want to choose reasonable. I wanted to choose me.

So, I did. Now I’m coming to you from AU! Now, I know that not everyone lives in my world where they can hop on a plane for self care. So, while I’m AU I’m going to post on what you can do if your stuck in suck…small ways that you can choose you.

Annnnnnd here is my first suggestion. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Now listen up. Here’s what I mean. Over the course of the past week I’ve heard four different people talk about how hard life is, but they know it could be worse. Stop that.

Yes, it could be worse. It could always be worse. But have you noticed that when you tell yourself it could be worse it doesn’t make you feel better? Your reality is made up of where you are now. Your current circumstances. So own it.

It isn’t until you recognize your reality that you can change it. And you can’t recognize it if your making yourself feel guilty about it not being the worst it could be.

Life is hard. It’s ok to say that.