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🇺🇸✈️👏🏻 Random Lesson Thursday 🇺🇸✈️👏🏻

I’ve spent the past two days in DC teaching some unbelievably *amazing* members of our military about the importance of self awareness and building rapport with others.

Here are three of my best random tips on how to manage relationships around you…the good ones, the bad ones, and the ugly ones…

1. Make your life a lot easier. If you are dealing with a difficult situation realize you’re at least half the problem. Trust me, you are.

2. If you read the above statement and thought “no, I’m not part of the problem” then you are more than half the problem.

3. Sometimes we hate compromise because it feels like we’ve lost, we’re weak, our egos get bruised, and/or our pride gets hurt. But the only way those feelings come to be is when we go into a situation believing we are right and that our way is the only way. When we come to a conversation wanting to resolve the issue and not to win… then losing *isn’t a thing.*

❤️’d the time I spent with my new military friends…and I’m also excited to come home and start recording lots and lots of videos to promote lots and lots of cool stuff coming down the pipeline!!