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🤔 Reflections from an American girl in Europe. 🤔

Last week I got back from speaking at two conferences in Europe.  It took me about a week to recover from the jet lag (boo) but now that I’ve gotten my sleeps back I’d like to share some *stuff* I realized!

1. It’s crazy weird that I was presenting on the topic of fear and I felt so much of it myself. At times it kind of made me feel like an imposter (hollar if you hear me!!).

2. It doesn’t matter where you live. Fear affects everyone. I had the chance to have incredibly personal conversations with people about their fears. And now I consider those people my friends. What would happen if we all had incredibly personal conversations with others (or at least said hello). Is it possible we would all have more friends?

3. Don’t take a nap when you land in Europe. It will mess with your sleep for the rest of the week. Also, I should have known this…but apparently I forgot.

4. When presenting in Belgrade I felt like I was home for the first time in a long time. I’m trying to figure out how to bottle that up so I feel it everyday. I’m pretty sure once I figure this out I’ll be a millionaire. Until then if you have any ideas…let me know!

5. I love food. I love food. I love food. I used to say everyone needed to go to Rome to eat. I take that back. In order to eat the best food in the world you simply need to eat local.

6. Serbia and Croatia have a history. Yet from the outside looking in it seems the cliche of they have more in common than not comes to mind. What would happen if American’s realized that about each other. Could we change our dialog with each other and solve all our problems?

7. Wine can solve a lot and should be drank often.

8. When you travel the world you care about the world. I’m pretty sure this is a human thing. It’s also something I can’t quit thinking about.

It’s good to be home. No matter how exciting trips are there’s no place like your own bed. Next week I’m out on the road again…and while I’m in the good old USA I’ll be thinking about how I can start important conversations and maybe make a few new friends in the process!