Believe in your Selfie. If you don’t who will?

I love selfies. One day a dear friend of mine sent me an article stating that selfies were a sign of narcissism . I immediately shot back that they were actually a sign of self love. After all, everyone should love themselves enough to share with the world pictures of their face. I also remember the self doubt that creeped in after reading the article. What if the world was annoyed at my self love? What if people judged be every time I posted one…what if…what if…what if.  And then it hit, what if I didn’t care what the world thought of my selfies, or my love of glitter, or my excessive use of emojis and exclamation points? What if I was simply me? So I kept posting, making them a staple of my branding. I leaned into everything that I loved and slowly learned to not care if others thought I was too much (trust me, I get that feedback often).  Instead of ruminating on what others thought of me, I decided to simply throw it all out there. I decided to love my selfie, believe in my selfie, and live into my selfie!

Now it’s your turn to throw it all out there. It’s your turn to learn to lean into selfies, glitter, sci-fi love, or whatever else it is that you love, but haven’t exactly been able to embrace. Believing in your selfie isn’t easy. In fact some days it feels nearly impossible. You let the inner voices keep you from…

  • Taking any action at all.
  • Moving forward, or moving on.
  • Leaving a job or a relationship you’ve out grown.
  • Starting that project you really want to start.
  • wearing that outfit you really love.
  • Posting the imperfect Facebook post.
  • Saying scary things out loud because someone might judge you.
  • Keeping silent when you really want to speak.
  • Not being able to be present because you are always worrying.

How would life look differently if you didn’t feel this way?

Think about this for just a second…how would you feel if you were comfortable in your own skin…and posted selfies with complete abandon? Without the fear of what others would think? What if…


  • You no longer compared yourself to others every time you looked at Facebook.
  • You defined success on your own terms as opposed to what others said success was.
  • You lived your life with intention, instead of wondering where the days, weeks, months, or years have gone.
  • You understood why you feel the way you do, and were actually able to change your emotions.
  • You controlled your reactions as opposed to letting others control them.
  • You understood your fear and were able to act despite of.
  • You actually believed you could, as opposed to couldn’t.
  • You immediately were able to recognize the stories you told yourself and change them.
  • You quit worrying about the future, and instead were able to accept things, right now, just as they are.
  • When you’re about to lose your mess you’re able to calm your mess down. 
  • You able to name the problems in your life so you can solve them. If you can name it, you can solve it. 
  • You stopped “shoulding” all over yourself and you stopped letting others to “should” all over you too. 
  • You. Quit. Being. Afraid of difficult conversations. 
  • You ask for what you need and what you want. 
  • You realize (and believe) that your best work is yet to come. 
  • You believe that you get to choose how the story ends. 
  • You realize you don’t have to stay here. 

My main hesitation with working with Work Warrior was ensuring I was going to get value out of my investment. This first step requires so much trust… trusting there would be a ROI. Trusting that you, Work Warrior would be able to get me to where I needed to be and beyond. To take this a little deeper, the issues I have is trusting that what I have read, studied, and the wisdom acquired over the years isn’t just going to be simply validated but rather be implemented.  That’s always the first big hesitation in working with any consultant; can they really add value. Within the first meeting, I knew I’d the right decision. 

What impact has Work Warrior had on me and my business? Where to start. As a founder with more of a great creative spirit (cue: lots of ideas and inspirations), I was in need of a process and system for managing my daily tasks, leading others, while incorporating all the sporadic and inspirational ideas. WW helped me not only define a process to help me prioritize but also a system to manage it all. 

On a personal level, WW has helped me become more in-tuned with my fears; the very things only me back from realizing my own potential. Awareness. With a greater awareness of my fears – the very things that hold me back – I’m equipped with a process to manage and overcome the very things that were limiting progress and taking on bigger risks. We are soaring in ways we weren’t before. 

Marianne’s incredible because her services are tailored to you as an individual person. It’s not a set manual or program in the slightest. She’s an incredible listener and notices yours trends and behaviors to tailor what’s best for you. For me, I had a few roadblocking fears that she recognized. These were inhibiting my growth as a founder and leader. WW helped me understand the roots of these fears and actionable process to put in place to mitigate them. It’s unlocked the doors for me in many ways. I’ve come to realize this takes a very dynamic person to pull off. WW most defiantly has that!

I would recommend WW, no doubt about it. Because at the end of the day WW delivers and I want to see my friends grow personally and professionally.

Brooke Mullen

Founder, Sapahn

The work I’m asking you to do isn’t easy. But it is possible.

I remember the first time I spoke at a Women’s conference on the topic of confidence. I felt like a fraud. So much so, I immediately picked up the phone and made a call I’d been putting off for years. I called a therapist and said, “I’m not ok. I live in a world by which I feel like those that can’t do teach.” While I knew what I was saying had value. I wasn’t actually practicing what I preached. In fact, I was doing the exact opposite. By making really hard choices, and doing really hard work, I was able to change the way I was living. And I began to step into my own advice…and my own authentic value.

Now, for the first time in the history of ever I’m offering a 1:1 offering. It isn’t coaching. While I believe that you do “already have the answers within” getting to those answers should be systematic, thoughtful, and purposeful. So, I’ve decided to take over 15 years of experience and education and put it together in a six month individual 1:1 package! The work we do together won’t be easy. At times you’ll think the process isn’t working. But it is. You simply have to trust me! The process we work through together has been tried on 1,000s of people all over the country. And now, I’ve tweaked it just for us…just for you.

I feel so less alone in the world. Marianne is a rockstar, so caring and compassionate. I love her energy and style and I absolutely loved every minute of our time together!! This was THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER. After each 1:1 I left feeling empowered, confident, and supported.

Community Resource provider

Believe in your selfie program…explained.

Believe in Your Selfie was created with a lot of love…but more importantly, with a lot of science. See, we live in a world where really important words, like passion, authenticity, and fear have been reduced to pithy quotes. And we feel guilty or overwhelmed when we actually stop to think about our fears…our thoughts… our desires…and what we really want. When do allow ourselves to think about what we really want, immediately , without even thinking about it, we come up with all the reasons our thoughts are dumb, or how f’d up we must be for thinking those things. We say things to ourselves that we never, in a million years, would ever say to anyone else. So, Believe in Your Selfie was created to walk you through defining what is most important for you and teaching you how you can start living into your authentic self, but not in a dumb way…in a very real way.

The program requires a six month commitment. Each month we will have two face to face meetings. And each week you will receive what I loving call “homework.” Each assignment is designed to help you discover yourself, your fears, and what you really want out of your life! Simple, right :)? Below is an outline of each month.


• Month One: We dig deep and look at your personal values. This is the foundation to EVERYTHING. Our values are at the core of who we are. And when they are defined life becomes much simpler . They become a guide to what you should give your time, talents, and treasures to. They become a compass as to what you should say yes to. They help you determine who and what should be a priority in your life. They also become the foundation of how you should behave when you encounter difficult people and situation . Durning the first month we also take a look at if you are currently living in a world that aligns with your values.


• Month Two: We take a look at the F word…fear. Fear is real. And it drives a vast majority of our behavior. If we don’t take time to look at what we are afraid of, to understand and respect fear, then…well…we won’t be able to act despite it. This is a tough month. But it’s also the month you become free from your fears. Science based, and full of tools to recognize and overcome fear, this month can be the month that changes everything.


• Month Three: We look at the stories you tell yourself. We all tell ourselves stories. And most of the time they are false. Until we can recognize the stories, we can’t change them. You’ll get so. many. tools. to help you start shifting stories from fiction to fact! After you start to see your stories all I can say is…WOW. Your world will be rocked and turned upside down, but in a good way!!


• Month Four: Let’s talk about confidence! You can have all the tools in the world, but if you aren’t confident to use them, they don’t matter. Together, we start dissecting the stories we tell ourselves that erode our confidence. We also talk about what you can do to fake confidence until you become it. And while this month will be incredibly uncomfortable, should you choose to make it so, it might be the most exciting month of your life!


• Month Five: We write the story of you. Together we will examine what story you want to tell the world, and how you can tell that story. This month is the month you give yourself permission to be…well…you. You’ll creep (or jump) into your most you-ier you. You love selfies? You’ll post them everywhere. You want to wear red lipstick (or none at all), well you will. This month is all about you, defined!


• Month Six: In our last month together we bring everything full circle! We talk about taking everything we’ve done and setting goals to help you live into the selfie you’ve come to know and love! Gently and together, ❤️ let go of the things that don’t serve you and start walking towards the things that do…and you’ll do this in a planned and thoughtful way. While our time together will be coming to and end, your new story will only the beginning …and that is the most exciting thing in the world.


Be you. Be the youiest you possible. Thrown your glitter in the air and take your selfies. Become the hero of your own story. Save yourself. Save the world. Do whatever. Just be you.

What’s required of you.

Believe in Your Selfie is an investment of time, emotion, and resources. But if you’re ready to stop comparing yourself to others, to stop wandering aimlessly in the woods, stop believing you can’t, and you are ready to become the hero of your own story, then here is what is required of you!

  • Two hours a month for our 1:1 sessions.
  • AT LEAST an hour a week to do your Superhero in training homework. If you don’t do the work, this won’t work. Period.
  • Believe in Your Selfie program price is $2400. Of course you can pay in full! And of course you can pay over the six months! We’ll work it out.
  • Showing up. You’ve got to be willing to show up. Not for me, but for you.
  • Keep going. You are required to keep going…you can’t hop off a roller coaster in the middle of the ride! Therefore you can’t hop off this ride in the middle either.
  • Believe you can. I believe you can be your own hero. But if you don’t believe it, my opinion doesn’t matter…

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