Warrior Women

Some women fear the challenge. Other women own it.

Work Warrior has been graced with the opportunity to speak to thousands of women across the country. Each and every interaction reminds me that women are amazing…so amazing in fact that sometimes they get in their own way.

Finally, after over a year in the making Work Warrior is super excited to be launching Warrior Women. This journey has been a bit of a labor of the ?. Pulling from every experience, we’ve worked hard to create programs and curriculum to help women better naviaged this thing called life.

Some days you have no idea how to do it. And yet somehow you still get it done.

Each Warrior Women event will provide women with tangible tools and a big dose of thoughtful suggestions to help them navigate ┬áthis thing called life. Each quarter we will be releasing a new workshop dealing with issues such as conflict resolution, discovering your why, gaining more confidence, learning how to negotiate for what you want…and so much more.

All of our workshops can be found on this page. Please be sure to click here and like us on Facebook so you are sure to not miss any of doses of inspiration or upcoming events!