Conflict Resolution for Women


Come for wine, cheese, chocolate, and conflict resolution!

Were you taught to be polite? Did you learn that you are supposed to give people the benefit of the doubt or were you taught if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. This mentality keeps us from addressing conflict. When we don’t deal with conflict it eats at us. It robs us of time with our family and friends. It keeps us up at night and we toss and turn thinking about it.

Take back your time and your sleep with this special Work Warrior event!

Conflict is complicated. It’s also something you can learn to address. In this women’s only event you will walk away with everything you need to begin to start having tough conversations.

Come learn the following!

  1. Understand that we are not built to handle conflict and what you can do when you feel yourself in a flight or fight mood.
  2. Learn how to pinpoint the moment a conversation turned into conflict and why.
  3. Know the perfect words to start even the most difficult of conversations.
  4. Learn how to script conversations so you are prepared for almost any reaction from the other person.
  5. How to calm people down when things become heated.
  6. Have tools to help you remain calm, cool, and appear collected in even the toughest of situations.
  7. Learn tips and tricks on how to be assertive and ensure both parties feel heard and respected.
  8. Finally, learn the life changing technique that ensures you will stay focused on issues and get them resolved.



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