It started nearly five years ago…

I (Marianne) left the corporate world. The hard truth is I was in a toxic culture and I didn’t trust myself to go find another job. Yes, that’s right! Work Warrior started out of fear. Nothing sexy about our beginning. I decided I would start a business. How hard could that be (note to you, whenever you ask that, your answer needs to be harder than you can imagine)? Trying to decide what to do, I knew I had two talents: managing others and teaching. So, WW became a thing. The video to the right is the first promo piece ever created. It has no point…but it still makes me smile. Interested in a little bit of our history? Watch…and enjoy :).

Like all new adventures the WW beginning was rough. I’d never run a business before and I didn’t really know the value that WW provided. It felt like each day we were shooting in the dark…and it took some time for the lights to come on. Seriously, tough start.

But *finally* they did! And for the last five years we’ve been providing training to small businesses and corporations all over the country. We’ve helped countless organizations define their why and grow their business based on unique values created by the team.

We’ve provided leadership and management training in nearly every state (only eight more to go to hit all 50)! Stronger teams have been built through group coaching… Conflict resolution, negotiation, management training, and communication skills…just to name a few. 

But we didn’t stop there! In addition to team building, we’ve added our Manage Self program. You can’t lead ad team if you can’t lead yourself. Each day we strive to live into our values and practice what we preach. Our journey has been a long one, but it has been a great one!