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At Toastmaster’s last night a new member was giving her “ice-breaker” speech. This is a 4-6 minute speech on any subject. Jenny, a new member, chose to speak about her struggle with crippling depression and anxiety. She ended the speech by quoting Alfred, Lord Tennyson. She said “while the mirror cracked from side to side for Lady Shallot and she lay dead in the boat, I am not dead. In fact I am alive, and thriving.”

Love = Alive
Fear = Death (not in the literal sense)

Think about the fear that creeps up when you think you aren’t going to make a sales goal. How about when you feel overwhelmed and don’t think you are going to get everything done?

Watch this! No matter what comes our way we have the choice to see doom and gloom….or love. If we are open to it we will see that love actually is all around :).