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I love structure. It allows me creative freedom to put my ideas in motion. I can figure out a starting point and fill in all steps necessary to get me where I am going…except sometimes I don’t know where I am going.

Sometimes something happens and the only thing I know is action needs to be taken.  I feel around in the dark hoping to find something to grab.  I process, google, think, and talk about the something hoping for the sentence or statistic that will give me the ability to move forward.

Then, after I spend all that time and energy looking to define something I realize the only thing I need to decide is am I in?

There are times when you only have a feeling. You only know you want to go somewhere but you aren’t sure where.  You have no idea what the end goal is…but you know one exists. When this happens the only thing you need to do is decide if you are in. Then, once the decision is made…go. Structure provides guidelines and boundaries. Most of the time these are necessary for me. However I am learning where there is no structure there are no boundaries. That means possibilities are endless.